About Us

Hi! I’m Sarah Larae Creek Gilliam!

(I know, its a mouthful)


I’m a lover of a lot of people and things but these are my top 12, because 10 is boring!

  • Dogs
  • Coffee
  • YouTube Make-Up Tutorials
  • Laughing
  • Food, all food 😉
  • Photography
  • People
  • My Husband
  • Disney
  • The Avett Brothers
  • Animals in general
  • Star Wars

This is Josh, my not-so-little brother and partner

Josh is a passionate artist, musician, and philosopher who also loves dogs, Star Wars and especially loves dancing badly….really badly. I couldn’t have started this business without him and I’m proud to say he is my partner in business and friend in life.

And now for your entertainment pleasure, The Sarah Larae team having fun….