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Creekside Engagement: Hugo + Laura

I've photographed a lot of engagement sessions and weddings and I've learned some things.  I've learned that all couples are different.  They have different ways they interact and levels of intimacy, affection, and playfulness.  THIS couple has a ton of natural chemistry.  The best way I can describe it is they are wrapped up in… Continue reading Creekside Engagement: Hugo + Laura

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Coffee, Cliffs, & Chacos in Chattanooga: Chad + Jordan

This hockey, chacos, coffee and dog loving couple made this beautiful Saturday even better!  Jordan, Chad, and the stunning Petra are the pawfect (ha!) little family to be.  How cool is that Jordan has a dog named Petra?  We started with coffee at the new Mean Mug coffee house on Chattanooga's north shore and then… Continue reading Coffee, Cliffs, & Chacos in Chattanooga: Chad + Jordan

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Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton

Aureleia and Colton told me that during their pre-marital counseling with their minister he talked about marriage being like a river.  He said that the river flows over the rocks and bumps and always keeps moving forward.  I thought that was such a beautiful metaphor and made this engagement session on Snooper's rock along the… Continue reading Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton

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Fall Downtown Engagement: Abby + Jeramie

Downtown Chattanooga was beautiful and dipping its toes into the fall season on Saturday for Abby and Jeramie's engagement session.  I had a great time laughing and strolling around the Walnut Street Bridge.  These two came all the way from Knoxville to have their photos done in my beautiful hometown and I'm so glad they… Continue reading Fall Downtown Engagement: Abby + Jeramie

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Chattanooga Engagement: Chad + Haylei

Laughter. Giggles. Kisses. Crazy Faces. Those are all of the things that fill the lives of Chad and Haylei.  When I met Haylei we had an instant connection.  I don't know if it was the love of make-up or just the love of laughter and being silly, but we are sisters from other misters.  I… Continue reading Chattanooga Engagement: Chad + Haylei

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Soddy Daisy Engagement: Charlie + Daryl

What a magical evening!  Daryl and Charlie are one of those couples that when you spend time with them you instantly see how they were made for each other.  Their playful banter, giggles, and chemistry is not something you see every day.  It was easy to capture the spark between these two!   We spent the… Continue reading Soddy Daisy Engagement: Charlie + Daryl

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Sunset Rock Engagement

This engagement session was such a blast!  We were blessed with a gloriously beautiful evening on the tip top of Lookout Mountain.  This couple, Ashley and Kentavius traveled from Huntsville, AL to Ashley's home town of Chattanooga for their engagement session and I'm so glad they did!  This couple has been together for almost 10 years… Continue reading Sunset Rock Engagement

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Birmingham Engagement: Allie + Riley

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this lovely couple and fur-family in the great state of Alabama!  Birmingham, AL is a beautiful city with a rich history and unique architecture.  Allie & Riley have a ton of style and a mutual love of the most amazing pastry that the Good Lord graced the planet… Continue reading Birmingham Engagement: Allie + Riley

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Mountain River Engagement: Mandy + Danny

Right away I could tell Mandy and Danny were a fun couple who knew how to make each other laugh.  This engagement session was full of laughter and shenanigans.  We started on top of scenic lookout mountain for some sweeping views and a picnic.  Later we headed down the mountain for a romantic canoe ride… Continue reading Mountain River Engagement: Mandy + Danny