Chattanooga Maternity Photographer

I usually shoot weddings, but occasionally I step outside of my niche and shoot something for fun and moonlight as a Chattanooga Maternity Photographer.  Matt is a co-worker at the day job and asked me to do some maternity and family photos for them.  Matt is a great guy, but he really married up 😉 … Continue reading Chattanooga Maternity Photographer

christmas tree farm couple session

Merry Christmas!

Well, Thanksgiving is over and it's officially the Christmas season!  In the spirit of Christmas I wanted to share my favorite photos from my annual Christmas mini sessions!  I only do mini sessions one day a year because they are an all day affair, quite exhausting and it's often difficult to get a day spot… Continue reading Merry Christmas!


Military Families

He smiled as he picked up the tiny American Flag is son had just dropped in exchange for a dum dum sucker.  This flag that was so small but had so much meaning him.  This flag that represented everything he loved and everything he would fight to protect.  He smiled as he tried to take… Continue reading Military Families