Live Course for Photographers

I will go over the basics of lighting and shooting in the intimidating "Manual" mode.  I'll also teach you how to look at any lighting situation and know exactly how to handle it.  We will even talk about some flash basics.  I'll then share with you my easy, simply Lightroom process for editing images!

If this starts as a "side hustle" we have to learn the absolute fastest ways to achieve maximum results.  I'll show you my time management hacks for getting more things done so I still have dinner with my husband every night!

My photography business changed my life.  It made me happier in every aspect, including my full-time "day job".  I'll show you how I took my hobby and turned it into a growing, thriving, soul-fulfilling business.

My LIVE course will take you from novice to professional photographer with the confidence to start charging clients!

Live Classes

This course will be happening live via Zoom each week for FIVE weeks where I will present material and you will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time!

Constant Support

You will have access to the private Facebook group where I will be answering questions daily and you will have the encouragement and support of all your classmates!

The Fast-Track to Success

This course will help you avoid common mis-step and mistakes a lot of people make in photography and business.  You will be on the fast track to success!

Exact Steps

I will give you the exact steps I took to learn photography & launch my business.  You will know every piece of equipment, tool, and software I own or have ever owned.


Not only will I teach you what I know but I will be your personal cheerleader through every step of the process and beyond.  I will give you the confidence you need to start charging clients as soon as you complete the course!

Intimidation is not allowed!

Learning something new is intimidating and the photographer community doesn't have the best reputation for easing that.  I'm here to remove the mystery and break it down for you so you aren't intimidated by any lighting situation!

"Decide What To Be and Go Be It" - The Avett Brothers

Why This Course?

This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I've spent THOUSANDS for dollars and THOUSANDS of hours learning lighting, posing, composition, and business organization to lead up to this moment. I'm ready to share what I know for the FIRST TIME with other photographers. You will be getting the most value I will ever offer with this live course.

Where You Can Find My Work:

I have not only managed to grow my business to generating over 100k but I've been featured by some amazing publications

I'm Ready for the LIVE Course!

1-on-1 Coaching Also Available

Maybe you aren't sure the LIVE course is for you or you prefer some more personal attention. I offer 1-on-1 personal coaching too! Send me an email below and let's setup a time to chat about your specific goals! Coaching investment starts at $350 per hour with the first hour free!