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Let me paint a picture

You get your wedding photos back, THREE MONTHS after your wedding, and there are only a handful portraits of you and your husband.  You didn’t have enough time for couple portraits because of a lengthy family formal session.  You felt guilty leaving your guests hungry and waiting on you at your reception, especially after the ceremony had already started late because hair and make-up ran longer than you thought it would.

Your album is thin. The album your children and grandchildren will beg to look through over and over again feels incomplete.  You wish you had more photos, you wish you had communicated better, you wish you had someone with experience to guide you.

This could be you, it has happened to a lot of nice people!

Cumberland Island-HI! I’m Sarah, experienced wedding photographer and people person!  I want to help make sure you have all your memories captured, a complete album and the gift of experiencing a stress-free wedding day! Working with a planner or coordinator is the first step to making sure you make the best of a chaotic wedding day.  I have tons I can recommend, just message me!  The second step is hiring a professional, experienced, and specialized wedding photographer who knows how to help you.

I’ve decided to do something kind of crazy because I simply hate hearing these horror stories!  Fill out the form below and I’ll immediately send you my Sarah Larae exclusive Timeline Guide with tips for scheduling the best day ever!  It also includes 5 sample timelines for you to use as a reference as you are planning the day.

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Update 2/1/2020:

Only 7 spots available for 2020!