Love Stories

I have had the honor of photographing and telling hundreds of love stories as a wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  Please take a look around for ideas and inspiration for telling yours.

My Little Family!

My life is pretty simple.  I spend my days at my “day job” as a pharmacist on top of being wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  Then I spend my evening doing one of a handful of things: Shooting/Editing/Business Maintenance or walking/cuddling my dogs with my husband.  As 2019 was drawing to a close I really wanted to capture what our lives looked like right now.  Who knows what the future holds, but we are really, insanely happy right now.  Additionally, I know my senior dogs might not be here as 2021 approaches.  All of these thoughts prompted me to call my good friend and talented photographer Haylee Gaffin.  She just acquired this amazing new studio and I knew it was the perfect place to take photos of my little family doing exactly what we do every day:  Cuddled up on the bed in a big dog pile.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters that I love and adore.

First we have my newest baby, Gracie.

We adopted Gracie at the ripe age of 8 years old back in March of 2019 from Tennessee dachshund rescue.  Her previous owners were elderly and were no longer able to care for her as their health declined.  She is such a sweet girl who loves to stand on her hind legs and get her belly rubbed.  She has tons of energy and no one believes she is 9 years old now!  Shooter and Max have grown to tolerate her for the most part, haha!  They are very bonded and it will take time for her to fit into the pack with them.  Josh and I immediately adored her of course and couldn’t imagine life without this pretty girl!  Her nick names include: Grace Grace, Gracie Girl,  Little Girl, Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, Sassy Sister.

Shooter has my heart.

He stole my heart when I met Josh 7 years ago and in the early years he saved is Daddy’s butt more than once!  Josh knew early on exactly how to get to my heart through this little guy.  He is handsome (notice how he poses for the camera!), stubborn, and hilarious.  Shooter LOVES his Mommy.  He follows me everywhere I go when I’m home, even waiting right outside the tub when I’m in the shower.   It’s a good thing he is cute because whenever he feels like it he leaves surprise tootsie rolls in the office and bathroom.  His nick names include: Shooty, Shoot Shoot, ShooterBug, My baby boy, brudder and the little asshole.

Max was my first true love.

I got him when he was 9 weeks and he has been my giant baby ever since.  He is a needy Mama’s boy through and through.  Max demands lots of attention but also gives a lot of affection.  He is incredibly loyal and in his younger days was fiercely protective of his family.  My big protective baby has saved Shooter from 2 dog attacks by fending off the bigger dog (1 of each Shooter started, little boy attacked at 150 pound great dane).  He has had a rough 2019 with some major health problems, but I’m thankful he is having far more good days than bad ones.  His nick names include:  Maxi, Buppy (for baby puppy), Big Bubba Dog,  Max Man, Big Baby Boy, Cry baby, big brother and a few variations on curse words I’ll leave out.

Lastly, my husband Josh.

My husband’s name is Josh AND my brother/business partner’s name is Josh.  Things can get confusing around here, just FYI.  He is a mechanical engineer and an amazing balance to my crazy and creative energy.  We both love nerdy things like astronomy/astrophysics, Star Wars, LOTR, and some video games.  We also have music in common. I would say our love for Americana music is what initially bonded us at the beginning.  We are on the same page about most things and speak the same love language so our marriage is as easy as one can be.  We have disagreements about some politics and mostly about my borderline co-dependent relationships with the dogs.  I love how much we laugh about silly things and support each other’s biggest dreams, like being a wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  I couldn’t have this business without him and his support and I’m so proud to be his wife.  His nick names include: Babe, Baby, JAAAWWWSSHHH, Joshua David Gilliam when I’m irritated, and “My Josh” when we are around my family who get confused about which Josh I’m talking about.


Thanks for visiting my blog!  Be sure to check out some of my recent weddings and engagements before you go!  If you want to see more of our dog crazed lives, click over to Instagram and be sure to follow me! As a wedding photographer in Chattanooga I’m constantly posting updates and my lasted work and posting dog videos on my story!

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