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How to Edit Quickly and Deliver Wedding Galleries in 30 days

Every contract I sign has a guarantee.  I promise my clients they will see all their photos within 30 days AND have the ability to download them.  You might have noticed the average turnaround time for wedding photographers is 4- 8 weeks, sometimes longer.  How do I do this so quickly?  Am I a wizard?… Continue reading How to Edit Quickly and Deliver Wedding Galleries in 30 days


Coffee, Cliffs, & Chacos in Chattanooga: Chad + Jordan

This hockey, chacos, coffee and dog loving couple made this beautiful Saturday even better!  Jordan, Chad, and the stunning Petra are the pawfect (ha!) little family to be.  How cool is that Jordan has a dog named Petra?  We started with coffee at the new Mean Mug coffee house on Chattanooga's north shore and then… Continue reading Coffee, Cliffs, & Chacos in Chattanooga: Chad + Jordan


Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton

Aureleia and Colton told me that during their pre-marital counseling with their minister he talked about marriage being like a river.  He said that the river flows over the rocks and bumps and always keeps moving forward.  I thought that was such a beautiful metaphor and made this engagement session on Snooper's rock along the… Continue reading Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton


The Gray Dove: Riley + Allie

Riley looked at Allie with intensity and tenderness. They were on the dance floor and as I followed them through my viewfinder I got chill bumps. There is no question he is the love of her life and she is the woman of his dreams. To watch them dance was fascinating and fun. Rarely do… Continue reading The Gray Dove: Riley + Allie

Wedding Planning & Tips

Wedding: Splurge vs Save

There are SO MANY choices to make when you are planning a wedding. You have to pick vendors, then you have to pick packages and price ranges and then you often have to pick more details based on you budget and what they offer.   It’s crazy!  To make things harder, most of us don’t have… Continue reading Wedding: Splurge vs Save

Chattanooga walnut street bridge wedding

Bluff View Wedding: Carla + Scott

Sydney watched her father standing with Carla as the officiant was speaking.  I could tell from her face she was so happy for them.  It was chilly, but she was willing to brave the cold to be there close to her father and the man who raised her.  The officiant was speaking about how happy… Continue reading Bluff View Wedding: Carla + Scott

Bride and groom flowing veil with chapel

Howe Farms Apple Barn: Cody + Kelsey

Kelsey took a deep breath.   She looked out and saw her Dad, her hero, facing away from her and waiting to see her.  This is her wedding day and she was simply glowing.  Her Dad turned around and instantly tears welled up in his eyes.  Kelsey looked into those tear filled eyes and through her… Continue reading Howe Farms Apple Barn: Cody + Kelsey


Walnut Hill Farms: Chase + Kelsey

Through the crowd of wedding guests on the dance floor I caught a glimpse of Chase's face as he was dancing with his new bride.   Kelsey was laughing with her sister as she danced with her new husband, but Chase was staring at her.  Chase is a introverted guy and sometimes it is difficult to tell… Continue reading Walnut Hill Farms: Chase + Kelsey


The Gray Dove + Bonnie the Bus

This styled shoot executed and conceived by Christan C George Photography was nothing short of amazing.  The Gray Dove provided the perfect backdrop to showcase the amazing talents of all these vendors! Bonnie the Bus is a new photobooth experience in the Chattanooga area.  This is a feature your wedding guests will never forget!  Bonnie… Continue reading The Gray Dove + Bonnie the Bus


The Views at Sunset Ridge: Matt + Rachel

It was hot.  Matt was in a suit. I know he was sweating, but I also know he knew it was going to be worth it.  He was about to lay on eyes on his bride.  Finally, after what felt like an eternity, we heard "Matt, turn around".  When he turned around he could clearly… Continue reading The Views at Sunset Ridge: Matt + Rachel


Tennessee River Place: Danny + Mandy

The officiant was speaking about love and unity as they were surrounded by all the people they love.  A tear slowly ran down her cheek, then another, then another. Danny, who was smiling, suddenly realized there were tears rolling down her face.  He then abruptly and gently reached across the unity table to grab her… Continue reading Tennessee River Place: Danny + Mandy


Sunflower Engagement: Lacy & Matthew

I love great one-liners.  Matthew and Lacy are full of them! These two are so in love and so sharply witty!  I laughed so much during this session.  We started out at Heritage Park and BOY OH BOY was the good Lord shining His beautiful light on us!   I am a photography nerd and good… Continue reading Sunflower Engagement: Lacy & Matthew


Chattanooga Engagement: Chad + Haylei

Laughter. Giggles. Kisses. Crazy Faces. Those are all of the things that fill the lives of Chad and Haylei.  When I met Haylei we had an instant connection.  I don't know if it was the love of make-up or just the love of laughter and being silly, but we are sisters from other misters.  I… Continue reading Chattanooga Engagement: Chad + Haylei


Soddy Daisy Engagement: Charlie + Daryl

What a magical evening!  Daryl and Charlie are one of those couples that when you spend time with them you instantly see how they were made for each other.  Their playful banter, giggles, and chemistry is not something you see every day.  It was easy to capture the spark between these two!   We spent the… Continue reading Soddy Daisy Engagement: Charlie + Daryl


Military Families

He smiled as he picked up the tiny American Flag is son had just dropped in exchange for a dum dum sucker.  This flag that was so small but had so much meaning him.  This flag that represented everything he loved and everything he would fight to protect.  He smiled as he tried to take… Continue reading Military Families


North Chattanooga Wedding: Lydia + Christian

  He was nervous. He was excited. He couldn’t wait to see her. She came through door, looking absolutely stunning with the biggest smile he had ever seen. He lost it. She made her way to her groom, escorted by her cheerful brother Will. Will was beaming almost as brightly as his sister. When they… Continue reading North Chattanooga Wedding: Lydia + Christian


Chattanooga Sunrise: Angela + Reed

The sun was peaking over the water in the early morning. The birds were beginning to chirp. He was waiting patiently and expectantly and she was beaming with excitement. In moments they would officially be husband and wife and neither of them could hardly wait. What a wonderful wedding day! Angela and Reed had a… Continue reading Chattanooga Sunrise: Angela + Reed


The Barn at BeechTree Farm: Lauren & Matt

Lauren and Matt are one of my favorite couples ever! They both have a dry sense of humor that keeps laughing and I'm blessed to call them family!  This wedding was full of beautiful and adorable details!  I especially loved the use of pink roses and beautiful floral designs along with splashes of sparkle.  It was… Continue reading The Barn at BeechTree Farm: Lauren & Matt


Island Cove Marina: Mike + Maria

I had the incredible honor of being a part of the union of Mike and Maria.  This couple is nothing short of extraordinary.  Maria is one of the most genuine people I've ever met.  Her sweet nature is only matched by her husband, Mike.  Maria and Mike share a love that is full of life… Continue reading Island Cove Marina: Mike + Maria


Birmingham Engagement: Allie + Riley

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this lovely couple and fur-family in the great state of Alabama!  Birmingham, AL is a beautiful city with a rich history and unique architecture.  Allie & Riley have a ton of style and a mutual love of the most amazing pastry that the Good Lord graced the planet… Continue reading Birmingham Engagement: Allie + Riley


Mountain River Engagement: Mandy + Danny

Right away I could tell Mandy and Danny were a fun couple who knew how to make each other laugh.  This engagement session was full of laughter and shenanigans.  We started on top of scenic lookout mountain for some sweeping views and a picnic.  Later we headed down the mountain for a romantic canoe ride… Continue reading Mountain River Engagement: Mandy + Danny


Chattanooga Choo Choo Engagement

This is engagement session was all romance and style.  The chemistry between Reed and Angela is nearly startling and the honoring of photographing this season of their life was a true honor.  I had to stop in the middle of the session and really appreciate my job.  I simply love seeing two people who are… Continue reading Chattanooga Choo Choo Engagement


Abby + Joey

It is a rare and beautiful thing to truly feel and see the love between two other people.  As a wedding photographer I’m lucky, I see it more often than most. However I have rarely seen it at the intensity I saw it this past weekend.  The amount love that comes pouring out of the… Continue reading Abby + Joey

Chattanooga Wedding
Wedding Planning & Tips

Five Tips for Planning a Wedding in Chattanooga

Im so happy you are planning a wedding in Chattanooga!  I was born and raised in the Chattanooga area and I love my city. I lived in Atlanta for 3 years, traveled around the world and I can honestly say I love living, loving, and working here. 90% of the weddings I have shot have… Continue reading Five Tips for Planning a Wedding in Chattanooga

White Farmhouse wedding

A White Farmhouse Wedding in the Country: Kristiana + Ian

Building a campfire is a key life skill, especially if you ask Kristiana.  She believes it to be so important she was adamant the man she married had to know how to build one. Ian had already bought the ring, asked her family, but he was still nervous about being able to build this campfire!  Thank… Continue reading A White Farmhouse Wedding in the Country: Kristiana + Ian


Christmas Engagement Photos in Chattanooga: Jeremy + Virginia

I probably said a hundred times during our session "You guys are SO GOOD AT THIS!".  Virginia and Jeremy have a great, adorable, cuddly chemistry that I just love!  I was also especially excited for this session because Virginia mentioned she loved Christmas and wanted to incorporate some Christmas cheer!  This session was complete with… Continue reading Christmas Engagement Photos in Chattanooga: Jeremy + Virginia


Bluff View Art District Wedding: Brian + Laura

I love it when brides pull in gems from their families past into their wedding.  The idea of honoring who came before them on a day they honor their own love is so romantic.  Laura wore her grandmother's necklace and rings during her ceremony.  She also tied her dear grandfather's ring around her bouquet.  I… Continue reading Bluff View Art District Wedding: Brian + Laura

Wedding at The Turnbull in Chattanooga

Wedding at The Turnbull: Missy + Jim

Missy was nervous as she came up the stairs and saw the love of her life with his back turned.  She started to cry as she approached him and paused.  I encouraged her to go forward but reassured her to call his name whenever she was ready.  As she moved forward Jim heard the crumpling… Continue reading Wedding at The Turnbull: Missy + Jim

Game of Thrones Wedding Cosplay

Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

This Game of Thrones themed wedding shoot was so good for my nerd heart.  When I booked this styled shoot it was before the last season had begun.  At the time, I was so excited to see the epic conclusion to one of my favorite fantasy series.  To be honest, the ending broke my heart… Continue reading Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Taft Point Bridal Portraits

Yosemite Bridal Portraits

The only thing more epic than a bride is a bride in Yosemite National Park.  Andie was the perfect model for these Yosemite Bridal Portraits.  She was perfect for a few reasons.  Number one she was sweet and funny and great to work with.  Number two she is stunningly beautiful and number three she is… Continue reading Yosemite Bridal Portraits