Chattanooga Elopements: Cassi + Kyle

Elopements never disappoint and this Chattanooga elopement hit EVERY mark.  Elopements hold such a sweet, gentle beauty.  The occasion may be small, but the love always seems amplified.  Maybe it is the secrecy or just the quiet intimacy, but this photographer loves them.

This beautiful family held fast to sweet traditions with some added uniqueness. It is those moments that made this intimate occasion even more uniquely them.  They started with location.  Sunset Rock was the perfect place, not just for a dreamy backdrop, but to take in the city where they spent their first vacation as a couple.

Including their kids in the hand-fasting ceremony was so sweet.  The joy and excitement was palatable.   Hand-fasting is one of those beautiful, old traditions that in addition to their vows, deepened that unbreakable bond marriage brings.  Laughter, tears and love were felt all around their ceremony and as I captured each moment, I couldn’t help but to feel that deep connection the four of them shared as a family.

Sometimes, it is the sweet traditions that get me the most.  Other times it is the with an added uniqueness each couple brings that seals why I do what I do.  Elopements, by nature, are meant to be filled with sweet intimate moments most personal to a couple.  The addition of their beautiful kids just made those moments more sweet.  As they lit their lantern with the sun setting behind the clouds, the joy and excitement felt in the air will fill that space for months to come.