The Venue at Lilly Lou’s: Annie + Clark

The Venue at Lilly Lou’s was the perfect spot for this couple to move into the next chapter of their fairytale.  This rainy wedding day had one of the most beautiful moments during this couple ceremony. Rain is always a catch as some couples embrace it and some wish it away.  For this couple,  Annie’s father had passed and as the officiant was talking about her father watching from Heaven and crying happy tears, the rain really started to come down and echo through the greenhouse.  It felt so moving and appropriate. As the ceremony continued, the rain began to let up and completely stop as the ceremony was finishing.  It was so touching and for this couple, the rain became something beautiful.

After their amazing engagement shoot, I knew that the same joy, love and happiness would expound into their wedding photos.  This couple did not disappoint.  Their love is genuine and the same sweetness that shined in their engagement photos came out at their wedding.  They glowed with happiness and as their day went on from ceremony to reception, that glow never stopped. That pinnacle I was looking forward to seeing from engagement photos to wedding phots was everything this photographer dreams of.  Genuine love always shines the brightest in the moments that the couple lets themselves breathe in throughout their special day.

As they start this new chapter of their fairytale love story the kindness and sweetness of their love will only grow through the years.  May they always remember to breathe in each day of their happily ever after.