Love Stories

I have had the honor of photographing and telling hundreds of love stories as a wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  Please take a look around for ideas and inspiration for telling yours.

How To Make a Wedding Look More High-End

Let’s take a minute to talk about how to make a wedding look more high-end.  Photography is usually the most expensive thing at the wedding. We, as the photographer, can make a lower budget wedding look high-end. It takes patience and work.

This is actionable advice that can be huge for you and your business.

Look at high-end brands and start paying attention.  It is a lot of symmetry, monochromatic looks, muted and soft colors.  So when you are at a wedding that is what you are wanting to look for.

First, you can go for the safe shot, like an open field, and create beautiful images.  To move into the high-end, look for buildings that have those looks, use florals and play them up. Florals elevate everything.

Next, creative cropping is another way that you can achieve a high-end style. Crop while you shoot (I mean who isn’t above standing on a chair) and during the editing process.

Also, find the key moments.  Emotional black and white photos add such a level of sophistication to a gallery.  Get those genuine moments from the couple and the guests.

Then, be intentional about what your shooting and showing. Take the time for those “particular” moments of the day. What may be super sentimental to the client, may not be something that you share with the public.

Finally, imagine yourself as the director.  It is okay to guide the bride to the window for the dress shot. It is okay to move the grandpa to the fireplace for him to have his first look.  Be proactive in getting the right lighting and background that works for you.

If you have thoughts, tips and tricks to add, comment below!

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Love Stories

Getting to shoot these high school sweethearts engagement pictures already had this photographer stocked for their wedding day.  

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Caty & Simon got married at her grandmother's private estate inside the Sandestin resort in Florida.  They fell in love chatting by the water so it only made since they say their vows here too.


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It's not every wedding that starts with a luxury car in a venue styled like a tuscan villa and ends with karaoke and fireworks!  This wedding was EPIC!

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