Proposal on Sunset Rock: Dan + Lacy

This is one of my favorite sessions on the iconic sunset rock.   Lacy and Dan are the cutest couple and I was so excited to capture this special, exciting moment!  I love photographing proposals, especially a proposal on sunset rock!  The excitement and element of surprise is nerve-wracking, but totally worth it! We had to… Continue reading Proposal on Sunset Rock: Dan + Lacy


Sunset Rock Sunrise Elopement: Ben + Holly

Holly and I have been close friends for years.  We have seen each other through a lot of tough and happy times.  We have hared more than few girls nights and therapy sessions.  To say I'm proud of her and how she has grown is an understatement.  We are very different and scarily similar in… Continue reading Sunset Rock Sunrise Elopement: Ben + Holly


Sunset Rock Engagement

This engagement session was such a blast!  We were blessed with a gloriously beautiful evening on the tip top of Lookout Mountain.  This couple, Ashley and Kentavius traveled from Huntsville, AL to Ashley's home town of Chattanooga for their engagement session and I'm so glad they did!  This couple has been together for almost 10 years… Continue reading Sunset Rock Engagement