Military Families

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He smiled as he picked up the tiny American Flag is son had just dropped in exchange for a dum dum sucker.  This flag that was so small but had so much meaning him.  This flag that represented everything he loved and everything he would fight to protect.  He smiled as he tried to take snapshot of this season of life in his mind.  Unlike that tiny flag, children don’t stay little forever and cherishing every small moment is what life is all about.  Luckily there was a photographer there to make sure no matter how much time passes he could be reminded of how little they actually were.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to donate my time and talent to some military families.  We had such a great morning playing, blowing bubbles, having tickle fights, eating dum dums and making memories for these families.  It felt great to give back to these families who I know are sacrificing so much for me and the country I love.  I have so much respect for the men, women and families of our armed forces.   It was truly a gift to me to be presented with this opportunity.  I hope you enjoy the images below!

North Chattanooga Wedding_0532North Chattanooga Wedding_0533North Chattanooga Wedding_0535North Chattanooga Wedding_0536North Chattanooga Wedding_0538North Chattanooga Wedding_0539North Chattanooga Wedding_0540North Chattanooga Wedding_0541North Chattanooga Wedding_0542North Chattanooga Wedding_0543North Chattanooga Wedding_0544North Chattanooga Wedding_0545North Chattanooga Wedding_0546North Chattanooga Wedding_0547North Chattanooga Wedding_0548North Chattanooga Wedding_0549North Chattanooga Wedding_0550North Chattanooga Wedding_0551North Chattanooga Wedding_0552North Chattanooga Wedding_0553North Chattanooga Wedding_0554North Chattanooga Wedding_0555North Chattanooga Wedding_0556North Chattanooga Wedding_0557North Chattanooga Wedding-

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