Love Stories

I have had the honor of photographing and telling hundreds of love stories as a wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  Please take a look around for ideas and inspiration for telling yours.

Fall Downtown Engagement: Abby + Jeramie

Downtown Chattanooga was beautiful and dipping its toes into the fall season on Saturday for Abby and Jeramie’s engagement session.  I had a great time laughing and strolling around the Walnut Street Bridge.  These two came all the way from Knoxville to have their photos done in my beautiful hometown and I’m so glad they did!  I’m also so glad Abby’s wonderful Mom and sister came along to make sure the couple had everything they needed, what a family!  Abby could literally not wipe the smile off her face as Jeramie held her, it was so sweet!  I can’t wait for their wedding in 2019!   ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1231ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1232ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1234ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1235ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1236ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1237ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1238ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1239ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1240ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1241ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1242ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1243ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1244ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1245ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1247ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1248ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1246ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1249ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1250ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1251ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1252ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1253ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1254ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1255ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1256ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1257ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1258ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1259ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1260ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1261ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1262ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1263ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1264ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1265ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1266ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1230ChattanoogaFallEngagement_1229

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Love Stories

Getting to shoot these high school sweethearts engagement pictures already had this photographer stocked for their wedding day.  

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Caty & Simon got married at her grandmother's private estate inside the Sandestin resort in Florida.  They fell in love chatting by the water so it only made since they say their vows here too.


Sandestin Resort

It's not every wedding that starts with a luxury car in a venue styled like a tuscan villa and ends with karaoke and fireworks!  This wedding was EPIC!

Howe Farms

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