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I have had the honor of photographing and telling hundreds of love stories as a wedding photographer in Chattanooga.  Please take a look around for ideas and inspiration for telling yours.

Walnut Hill Farms: Chase + Kelsey

Through the crowd of wedding guests on the dance floor I caught a glimpse of Chase’s face as he was dancing with his new bride.   Kelsey was laughing with her sister as she danced with her new husband, but Chase was staring at her.  Chase is a introverted guy and sometimes it is difficult to tell what and introvert is feeling or thinking, but I could read his face like a book. He didn’t take his eyes off of her.  He was gazing at her with intensity, like he was trying to make sure he remembered that moment for the rest of his life.  Then his face softened as a big smile crept across it.  The pure happiness in his eyes was clear and radiant as Kelsey turned into him to snuggle into his chest.

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1347

Then my eye caught another face that was smiling at Kelsey and Chase.  Kelsey’s mom was dancing with the father-of-the-bride, her husband of over 35 years across the dance floor.  While Kelsey and Chase were living their moment unaware of anyone else, Kelsey’s Mom was smiling ear to ear as she watched her daughter and son-in-law embrace.  I had the privilege of spending some time with this mother and daughter during Kelsey’s bridal portraits and I knew they had a special bond, similar to my relationship with my Mom and I started tearing up.  It was a beautiful unspoken moment I’ll never forget.

This family, both sides, was so warm and FUN!  They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like one of their own.  They had so many family and friends travel from near and far to celebrate their day, and OH BOY do they know how to celebrate!  I think every single guest hit the dance floor for the iconic “Sweet Caroline” as an homage to their beloved Red Sox.  I’ve never seen so many parents and grandparents break it down!  Kelsey’s 91 year old grandpa danced the night away with his wife of 65 years! Ryn, the most amazing second shooter of all time, asked what their secret to marriage was and she said “Stay busy, eat right, and if he thinks he is right just walk away”.

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1343

Thanks to all the amazing vendors that made this day possible!  Walnut Hill Farm is my new FAVORITE venue and I can’t wait to shoot there again!  Vendor list at bottom of post!

Kelsey and Chase, thank you for choosing me to be a part of this amazing day!  Kelsey, you and I are kindred spirits and I hope to call you friend for years to come.  Chase, I’m pretty sure you will get to hear Kelsey and I squealing over llamas and other random stuff again!  You are a gem and I so enjoyed spending the day with you!  I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1286Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1285Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1284Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1275

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1269Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1270Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1271Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1272Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1273Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1274Walnut-Hill-Farm-Wedding_1276.jpgWalnut Hill Farm Wedding_1277Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1278Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1279Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1280Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1281Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1282Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1283Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1268Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1287Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1288Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1289Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1290Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1291Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1292Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1293Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1301Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1300Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1302Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1303Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1304Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1305Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1306Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1307Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1329Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1330Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1331Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1332Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1333Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1334Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1335Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1336Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1337Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1339Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1338Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1341Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1340Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1342Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1344Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1345Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1346Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1349Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1350Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1351Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1353Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1352Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1348Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1324Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1325Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1296Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1299Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1298Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1294Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1295Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1297Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1355Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1356Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1313Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1312Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1314Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1316Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1315Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1326Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1316Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1328Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1308Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1317Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1318Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1319Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1320Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1357Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1358Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1359Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1322Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1323Walnut Hill Farm Wedding_1354

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  1. Beverly Gage says:

    Absolutely awesome ! beautiful bride and handsome groom and so much love filling that room ! Everyone having wonderful time and an unforgettable wedding! Love you kelsey and Chase! Welcome to the family Chase! Grammie and Grampa Gage

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