Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton

Aureleia and Colton told me that during their pre-marital counseling with their minister he talked about marriage being like a river.  He said that the river flows over the rocks and bumps and always keeps moving forward.  I thought that was such a beautiful metaphor and made this engagement session on Snooper’s rock along the iconic Appalachian trail and overlooking the Tennessee River even more meaningful.

We braved the cold and darkness at sunrise on a Saturday morning for this epic engagement session.  The scenery was perfect and I managed to not fall off the mountain, so I call that a success!  Aureleia and Colton are so obviously in love and their energy was contagious.  I love being around couples that are so genuine in their feelings for each other.  I’m so excited for their wedding on the river in just a few short months!



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  1. I love the photos for my great niece Aurelia Curtis and her Colton! They do bring out the love and the wonderful promise of it in marriage.

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