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Pose Like a Pro on Your Wedding Day (Or any other time!)

Dont Worry! Relax! I’ll guide you!

Your photographer should tell you what to do and use their expertise to make sure you feel comfortable while looking great!  But here are some tips!

  • Ladies should shift their weight to the foot furtherest from the camera and shift their hips back.  This makes you hips look smaller because whatever is closest to the camera looks the largest.
  • Guys should keep their shoulders square with the camera as much as possible, making their shoulders look broad and strong.  Also, guys should have their hands in their pockets are on their bride 😉
  • Always laugh forward.  When we laugh we usually throw our heads back and bring our chin to the neck, this looks bad.  Try to remember to lean forward and stick your chin out slightly when you laugh.
  • Ladies, always make sure your waist is visible. Don’t glue your arms to your sides.  I want to see space between you arm and waist.  Also, if you are worried about fat arms make sure your elbow is away from your body to avoid smushing of the bicep.

Photographers spend lots of money and time learning good posing, so trust them!  It will probably feel weird in some poses, but it probably looks great.  Just remember the mantra “Feels weird, Looks great”.

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