Lee University Chapel Wedding: Mackenzie + Jordan

This wedding at Lee University Chapel and White Wing Bookstore was pulled together with so much elegance!  From the purple and pink highlights to the beautiful and unique florals I was in love!  My favorite moment of the day was at the reception.

The crowd was silent as the video played stories about the bride and groom from the mouths of their closest friends and family.  The groom’s mom told a funny story about a young Jordan.  THe bride’s Mom told stories about how sassy Mackenzie was as a toddler.  Then, Sarah, the maid of honor came to the screen.  She began with some funny stories about a Taco bell run but then drifted to talking about Mackenzie’s relationship with Sarah’s late father.  I looked over from the screen and both Mackenzie and Sarah had tears streaming down their faces.  These two were so bonded.  Then, Jordan reached to touch Mackenzie on her arm to comfort her sweetly.  As I was witnessing this sweet moment I thought about how wonderfully amazing it is to see such a thing.  Mackenzie was literally supported from every angle.  She had her loving, wonderful husband to her right, a supportive, strong friend to her left, and a huge audience of loving family in front of her.  That is my idea of a dream wedding.

Mackenzie and Jordan, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  It was truly an honor and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Wedding Planner: Teresa Hane
Wedding Cake: Karen’s Kitchen
Assistant Photographer: Ryn Loren Tompkins
Check out Mackenzie & Jordan’s engagement session here 

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