The Venue Chattanooga: Chloe + Jameson

The Venue Chattanooga was such a perfect spot for this gorgeous couple.  They are so sweet and it reflects tenfold into their relationship. From their first date, they knew that there was something special about each other.  They share such a joy for each other and it shines in the way they treat each other and people.

Even their story is sweet.  Jameson said he realized that a point just came that he didn’t want to do anything with out Chloe.  For Chloe, it was that Jameson treats her like she deserves the very best and he has never stoped showing her that.  Plus, who doesn’t like a true gentleman?  It was so obvious to me, as I took their engagement photos and on their beautiful wedding day, that they just love each other.

Their laughter and the sweet moments just came naturally and that is always a dream come true for this photographer. The happiness that their friends and family had for them and the sweetness of their ceremony made this such a perfect day.

I love being able to just watch a couple be in their rhythm.  The simple moments that make the perfect place become the perfect picture.  As they shared their first dance, the happiness they felt and the love they share, just shined through as they spent those moments just enjoying the beauty of their day.

The Venue Bride and Groom Bride and Groom Ceremony Outside Bride and Groom Kiss on Cheek Rings detailed shot Bridal Party celebration group picture The Venue Bride and Groom First Dance with sparklers Bride and Groom Outside at Night Bride and Groom Sparkler Exit Bride and Groom Kissing outside at night