Bride and Groom Smiling in Nature

Oakleaf Cottage Wedding: Heather + Dom

Oakleaf Cottage is just one of those venues that works in every season. Set in the middle of the most picturesque nature scenes filled with natural beauty. It was perfect for Heather and Dom as they wanted a true outdoor wedding filled with nature and the beauty of the forest.

Their love and excitement for each other and for the day, just shone through them in each picutre. You can see just how deeply they love each other and how much they love being in nature.  As a result, they were so completely content with each other and such a joy to capture.

Truly, I love, love.  I love it even more when two people are filled with happiness, excited for all the day brings  and just overcome with joy. When all of this is found within the moments that the bride and groom share with each other everything glows.  This wedding was small, around 50 guests, but the energy was higher than a lot of really big weddings I’ve done.  I attest this to Heather and Dom.  The joy, the love, the light all came from them. Their laughter, their happiness filled the space with such a beautiful light.  It was truly a dream to capture.

Outside weddings can be completely amazing and when you can create an outside environment inside, it is even more amazing.  The barn had  maple leaves in the rafters and it smelled amazing, like fresh air!   Most of all when it is where the couple loves to be,  they are more relaxed and more themselves.  They naturally just stay more in step with each other.  These two were just in total sync all day and Oakleaf Cottage was the perfect setting for everything they dreamed their wedding would be.

Bride and Groom Smiling In Nature Oakleaf Cottage Bride and Groom Oakleaf Cottage Bride Groom and his Groomsmen Outside Oakleaf Cottage Ceremony Bridal Party Oakleaf Cottage Bride and Groom walking in nature Oakleaf Cottage First DanceOakleaf Cottage Reception Oakleaf Cottage Bride and Groom Exit