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Ocoee Engagement Photos: Jessica + Dom

The Ocoee is a beautiful place to do engagement photos.  With all the different scenery, it is almost impossible to pick a spot.  Jessica and Dom are such a fun couple and it was so much fun to shoot their engagement pictures.

They have known each other for as long as they can remember, but it wasn’t until their sophomore year in high school that it clicked. Dom said that when he saw Jessica’s smile and the way it lit up the whole room, he knew he wanted to pursue her (can you say swoon?).  Dom showed Jessica just how much he loved her when she went through a really rough time and he not only loved her through it, but he stood by her.  Truly a match made in heaven.

These two find happiness even in the mundane days of life.  I think that is such a beautiful thing to share. Even in the day to day, to make it fun and have laughter…that is such a beautiful trait to have and they have found that in each other.  This photographer could feel that happiness and joy throughout the whole shoot and had as much fun with them as they have with each other.

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