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Sunrise Engagement: Amelia + Josh

This sunrise engagement shoot was steeped in love, tradition and family.  Amelia and Josh are so sweet.  When they suggested having the shoot at Nana’s property, how could I even begin to refuse.  These two met through Facebook and after chatting, Josh drove to meet her.  Their connection was instant and before he left, he gave Amelia his dog tags.  The rest is just the story of love.

Also, I love that Josh stuck to tradition and asked Amelia’s parents for her hand.  He took her to her families property and proposed, just the two of them.  Josh said that from the moment he met Amelia he couldn’t stand to be away from her.  Amelia says Josh makes her feel safe, secure and at home. They both look at each other as their best friend. As we took their pictures, you could see the love and trust they have with each other.

Truly, these two are just the sweetest love story.  A sunrise engagement shoot just suited the beauty of that love.  The sun always rises and it shows the start of a new day.  What a beautiful way to show a picture of the start of their new beginning.  May they always shine in their love for each other and in what truly matters.

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