Rock City Proposal

Chattanooga Proposal Ideas: Lance + Whitney

Chattanooga Proposal Ideas.  Truthfully, there are so many amazing locations, you really couldn’t go wrong.  Rock City has gorgeous views and so many great spots.  When Lance reached out to me, I was excited to be a part of their special day.

All proposals are a surprise, but I love the moments where you can see that it is completely unexpected.  Sharing this moment with a couple, capturing the surprise, the tears and the love is the best feeling.  Whitney was so genuinely surprised and all the emotions were just there.

Sometimes the one proposing will reach out to me, ring ready, knowing they want to capture the moment.  They are just struggling with the perfect Chattanooga Proposal Ideas.  My advice is always, find a place that holds a memory.  From the first date location, to just a place that they had the best day or maybe find a place that is somewhere you both always wanted to go.

Their love and excitement for what is next was so real. Planned engagement pictures are always a blast.  But surprise engagement photos get to capture the anticipation, the moment and just the after glow of the whole thing and I think that is amazing.

Lance and Whitney were a complete joy and I will always be thankful that I shared in this special moment with them.

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