Taft Point Elopement

Yosemite Engagement Session: Hannah + Zach

Am I dreaming?  Did I really get to photograph a real engaged couple in Yosemite National Park?!  I simply can't believe this actually happened!  I still can't believe I got to shoot Yosemite engagement photos! We hit three locations in the park: Yosmeite Valley, Glacier Point, and Taft Point and all three was stunning!  The… Continue reading Yosemite Engagement Session: Hannah + Zach


Chilhowee Engagement: Mackenzie + Jordan

I loved this Chilhowee Recreation Area Engagement!  I had never been to the Chilhowee recreation area near the Ocoee river and I was blown away! Even if it did take me 45 minutes of riding around random campsites and a few phone calls to find what I was looking for!  I was so thankful I… Continue reading Chilhowee Engagement: Mackenzie + Jordan


Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton

Aureleia and Colton told me that during their pre-marital counseling with their minister he talked about marriage being like a river.  He said that the river flows over the rocks and bumps and always keeps moving forward.  I thought that was such a beautiful metaphor and made this engagement session on Snooper's rock along the… Continue reading Snooper’s Rock Engagement: Aureleia + Colton