Taft Point Bridal Portraits

Yosemite Bridal Portraits

The only thing more epic than a bride is a bride in Yosemite National Park.  Andie was the perfect model for these Yosemite Bridal Portraits.  She was perfect for a few reasons.  Number one she was sweet and funny and great to work with.  Number two she is stunningly beautiful and number three she is… Continue reading Yosemite Bridal Portraits


Sunset Rock Sunrise Elopement: Ben + Holly

Holly and I have been close friends for years.  We have seen each other through a lot of tough and happy times.  We have hared more than few girls nights and therapy sessions.  To say I'm proud of her and how she has grown is an understatement.  We are very different and scarily similar in… Continue reading Sunset Rock Sunrise Elopement: Ben + Holly

Wedding Planning & Tips

Wedding Regrets

I think a lot of planning for any event is weighing the pros and cons and thinking about what you might regret doing or not doing.  Planning a wedding is no exception, especially since it is a once in a lifetime event with a ton of tradition and meaning.  Recently I asked the married individuals… Continue reading Wedding Regrets

Point Park Engagement Photos

Lookout Mountain Engagement Session: Randi + Josh

We didn't exactly have luck on our side when we started this engagement session at Point Park for this Lookout Mountain engagement session.  We could literally see the rain headed our way over the mountain, despite the bright sunshine and blue sky directly above us.  We didn't let the rain stop us from having a… Continue reading Lookout Mountain Engagement Session: Randi + Josh


Chattanooga Engagement: Erika + Alfredo

What a magical night for a wedding practice run...well that's what I call engagement sessions.  They give us a chance to get to know each other better and practice for the wedding day.  Not that Erika and Alfredo needed practice really.  They were complete naturals!  By the end of the session I watched through some… Continue reading Chattanooga Engagement: Erika + Alfredo


Howe Farms Wedding: Chad + Haylei

"I love you, with no spaces" is all that Chad needed to say during their vows as he fought back tears to convey the love he has for Haylei.  There is no space for any doubt that Haylei and Chad have an intangible bond.  They have a spark, a connection that words can't really touch.… Continue reading Howe Farms Wedding: Chad + Haylei


Signal Point Engagement: Nicole + Chase

This engagement session turned into such an adventure!  I think it really fit the personality and charm of this charismatic couple!  Nicole and Chase met through their close friends (who supplied the awesome customized wine bottle below) and I get why they hit it off.  They are both smart, fun, and have so much chemistry… Continue reading Signal Point Engagement: Nicole + Chase

downtown chattanooga at night

Downtown Chattanooga Engagement: Brandon + Courtney

What a wonderful evening this was!  We have had what seems like years of rain and the sun opened up with some wonderful warmth for this engagement session.  Brandon and Courtney have been through ALOT  in the last 6 months or so and I can't think of two better people who deserved this perfect engagement… Continue reading Downtown Chattanooga Engagement: Brandon + Courtney