Signal Point Engagement: Nicole + Chase

This engagement session turned into such an adventure!  I think it really fit the personality and charm of this charismatic couple!  Nicole and Chase met through their close friends (who supplied the awesome customized wine bottle below) and I get why they hit it off.  They are both smart, fun, and have so much chemistry together!  I feel like I’ve known them for ages and I had a blast.  We even invented a new drinking game!  I like to change lenses so I can get a different look to similar poses and shots.  Every time I said “I’m gonna change a lens” they had to take a drink.  Luckily we didn’t strictly abide by the one and only rule, otherwise we never would have made to back to the parking lot. I can’t wait for their wedding next year!!  I’m probably going to need to get an extinguisher because they will surely be on fire!  (I know, it’s a bad Dad joke but I couldn’t resist!)

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