Hunter Art Museum Fun Filled Wedding: Clay + Erin

As Clay and Erin finished greeting their guests I watched as gentle smile stretched across each of their faces.  Clay grabbed Erin by the hand and they walked together towards the front of all their friends and family and were greeted Erin’s father who would be joining them in their commitment.  I thought it was such a simple, but beautiful thing.  It was such a representation of the reality of today and what marriage should be about.  These two people who love each other independently chose to join hands and walk together into their future.


I also thought it was such special thing that both Clay and Erin’s mothers were standing with them.  When the time for the ceremony came, Clay’s mom was chatting with guests.  Clay so sweetly approached her, took her by the hand and walked her down the aisle where he was about to marry the love of his life.  It seemed genuine and un-staged, but so meaningful that we wanted his Mom by his side.


This wedding had all the joy, love, and meaningfulness a wedding deserves BUT it also had a ton of fun ideas.  I can’t imagine anyone not having an amazing time at Chattanooga’s Hunter Art Museum on this Saturday night!!  There was tasty, amazing, and visually creative food provided by Impressions catering.  They even had popcorn & cotton candy!  There was a photo booth, board games, corn hole, open bar, and DJ Synaptic Flow (Brian Foster) kept the party going all night long!  I even enjoyed being shot in the butt, head, boob, and nearly every other body part with nerf guns!  Seriously, it kept me on my toes and those kids were hilarious!  Also, I wonder who ended up going home with that snake….haha!


Clay and Erin,  thank you for choosing me to spend May the 4th 2019 with you!  I had an amazing time and it truly was a privilege to be a witness to this wonderful evening and your commitment to each other.  I truly saw something special in you two and it always makes my heart so happy to see two souls that are so obviously made for each other come together!   Of course, May The Fourth Be With You!!!!!


Design: Luma Designs

Venue: Hunter Art Museum

Catering: Impressions Catering

Dress: CocoMelody

Flowers: Enjoy Flowers & Costco


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