Cedars of Lebanon State Park Wedding

Cedars of Lebanon State Park Wedding: Ari + Adam

All of Ari and Adam’s family and friends were on the dance floor.  They were full of laughter and joy as they all moved to the music.  In the midst of all the celebrating Adam & Ari caught my eye.  The world was moving around them but they only had eyes for each other.  They swayed to the music together and I could tell they were living in their own little bubble of happiness.  The newlyweds were seemingly mesmerized by each other and it was so inspiring!  This Cedars of Lebanon State Park Wedding was unforgettable!

This wedding at The Cedars of Lebanon State Park was unique and full of love!  The whole family came together to make this magical day happen for the sweetest of couples.  The reception was one of the most lively I’ve seen in a while and I was in aw of the expert salsa dancing!  I wish I could move like that!

Adam and Ari, thank you for allowing me to be a small part of this experience with you.  It was an honor and a pleasure to get to know you both.  I truly enjoyed your engagement session and wedding.  It was a loads of fun!


bride getting ready


Invitations: Trouts-Olivia Craig

DJ: DJ Connection

Florist: Accents with Love

Venue: The Cedars of Lebanon State Park 

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