Greenway Farms Engagement Photos: Nicoleta + Julian

This lighting, couple, and location are what photographer dreams are made of!  This may be one of my absolute favorite sets of Greenway Farms Engagement Photos!  I’ve taken photos at Greenway Farms dozens of times but there was something about this session that makes top notch.  I think it may have been Nicoleta and Julian’s awesome personalities.  They are so cute and funny with so much chemistry!  I love it when a couple knows how to relax and just play together.  It was so easy for them to snuggle and giggle and just let their love shine through.   Nicoleta and Julian not only have great personalities, they are stunningly gorgeous individuals.  I kept thinking while we were shooting how absolutely stunning they both are!  Nicoleta’s Mom came along for the session and I’m so glad she did.  We have alot in common, including photography.  I”m always so honor when another photographer chooses me to take photos for their family.  It means so much when someone who knows what to look for appreciates your work.  Enjoy these Greenway farms engagement photos! I simply cannot wait for their weddings at The Woodlands at Howe Farms.  I bet I can get it published!


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I Hope you enjoyed these Greenway Farms Engagement Photos!

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